Covid Crisis Relief Donation Campaign

IAWW is now expanding its COVID Response efforts with the launch of COVID Crises Relief Donation Campaign aimed towards rehabilitation and support for small businesses, loss of personal employment, healthcare, legal, immigration and basic needs access. 

Please click on the Donate towards our COVID-19 response efforts to continue with your donation. If you prefer donating via check, please mail your donation to – IAWW, PO BOX 404, Bellevue WA 98009. 

IAWW COVID-19 RESPONSE CAMPAIGN IAWW has launched its COVID Crises Relief Campaign aimed at providing relief and rehabilitation efforts for our communities.  

i) Homemade Masks for the Champions: Since March 23rd, 2020, IAWW has donated more than 4500 cotton reusable masks (approved by local healthcare centers) using close to 380 yards of fabric, recruiting 42+ volunteers who collectively gave close to 3700 volunteer hours to this outstanding effort which is still continuing having spun off several independent mask projects across towns. IAWW volunteer teams have been donating the masks to local hospitals, clinics serving low income families, senior living centers, small businesses, waste management workers, shelters, homeless communities, and state health labs testing COVID samples as well as the King County medical Society. 

(ii) Small Business Support: IAWW staff and volunteer mentors are working with several of our community-based small businesses (restaurants, caterers, beauty salons, taxi drivers, and service industry workers like janitorial staff) helping them access financial support, deferrals for mortgages, utilities, rent assistance, meals while offering them personalized guidance in marketing and planning. IAWW is also identifying struggling small businesses and families in need of immediate financial assistance in addition to the above mentioned support. 

(iii) Employment opportunities: Workers in the service sector losing jobs are receiving mentoring and  support for finding alternative employment as well as other assistance. 

(iv) Hot Meals for Healthcare: IAWW is working with community restaurants to cater hot meals to our EMTs, fire stations, and healthcare centers on a weekly basis. 

(v) Care Packages for Shelters: IAWW volunteers and staff are delivering non perishable food packages and basic sanitation supplies on a weekly basis to our area shelters, pantry packs, and school districts. 

(vi) Information Access: IAWW staff is continuing to provide information on healthcare access, insurance and support services for families and ageing adults. 

(vii) Mental Health Support: IAWW has ongoing monthly support groups and conversations guided by mental health professionals for - (1) Youth (2) Parents and (3) Ageing adults. We have a resource list of mental health professionals available to also provide one on one service to those that seek such individualized support ion these difficult times. Additionally, IAWW organizes monthly webinar series with a label of health professionals to initiate community conversations and address concerns. IAWW youth members have launched a campaign to help fundraise for the Eastside National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI Eastside). 

(viii) Legal Services: IAWW is continuing to organize weekly legal clinics to provide free consultations on visas, immigration and other services. 

(ix) Ageing Adults: IAWW is providing wellness and strength training classes on digital platforms, three times a week for our seniors, supportive conversation series with healthcare professionals each week and connects our youth via their letter campaign to our aging adults. 

(x) IAWW ANVI (Women's Mentoring Service): is continuing to support its Creative Pursuits Campaign highlighting specific careers on our social media pages to focus on the need to follow one's dreams.