Civic Engagement

Making the world a better place for us all starts in your immediate community. In order to affect real change, IACS works to empower our community by advocating for deeper involvement in the civic process.We encourage community members to fulfill their civic duties by staying current on issues impacting the community, promoting democracy, building power through advocacy, and hosting periodic community forums where a dialogue exists between community members and elected officials.



Voting is the right and responsibility of every citizen in America, and our vote is one of the strongest ways that we can make our voice heard. IACS works each day to promote non-partisan voter engagement and registration. Federal immigration laws, state budgets, transportation, education, and healthcare – all of these impact our daily lives. Voting allows you to raise your voice to issues that are key to addressing basic, urgent, and long-term needs.

Voter Registration

In order to vote, you must be a citizen of the U.S., 18 years of age or older, a resident of Washington State and a registered voter. If you have not yet registered to vote, you can register to vote online or the Washington Secretary of State’s website for more options including by-mail and in-person.

Voting Options

You can vote by mailing in your voting ballot by Election Day, or placing it in a drop box by election day. Be sure to read the instructions so you can fill out your ballot correctly. You can mail your ballot any time before the election or drop it off at the polls on Election Day. If you lose your ballot or don’t receive it, you can still vote by contacting your local county elections department and asking for a provisional ballot.

Candidate Forums

We conduct candidate forums for candidates participating in local elections so that our community is well informed about their campaigns and can make an informed choice.

Community Conversations

The Community Conversation program series fosters dialogue between community members. Through this program the community is able to come together in a town hall setting to explore challenges, services, and needs impacting the community. It also provide an honest and open forum for community memebers to address an array of social issues and policies affesting economic and racial equity, immigration, the current COVID crisis and more.

IACS hosts these conversations in-person and virtually to engage the community to understand others aspirations for the community, concerns for the community, and to think through what changes need to be made and how change can be enacted. These conversations are a powerful way to get to know different parts of the community or learn from voices not usually heard.

Cultural & Celebratory Events

Civic engagement requires a deep understanding of your surrounding community and its needs, which can be shaped or influenced by the community's culture, customs, and traditions. As a secular community based organization, IACS annually celebrates the many facets of Indian arts and culture with our partner linguistic and artistic organizations in the Asian Indian community as well as communities across the Pacific Northwest. Festive times and celebrations connect us as a community with storytelling, sharing meals and joyful moments.

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"I am a new citizen of the United States in 2020 at the age of 67. IACS helped me apply for citizenship with all paperwork and interview support. I have also learned more about elections and voting. I could not have done it without them."