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Crisis Care

In times of extreme and sudden distress IACS is prepared with resources and a support system to help members of our community during their most vulnerable moments.


Healthcare Services

For community members impacted by sudden changes in health or develping health ailments and disease we offer resources to local healthcare centers.


IACS is committed to addressing the needs generated by the pandemic crises on the communities around us. Please contact us at 253-234-9989 Ext 5 or email to
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Food Assistance

Community members who are low-income and food insecure can depend on the organization for aid in the nourishment of themselves and their familes.
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Rent Assistance

If you are experiencing a short-term financial crisis due to unexpected expenses, IACS may be able to support you with rental assistance. For assistance please contact us at (253) 234-9989 (ext.5).

Survivor Support Services

IACS supports families and survivors through their struggles with referrals, information, safety planning and support with a wide range of resources around food, housing, mental health, immigration and financial assistance. Please contact us at

Small Business Support

We help identify, verify, and provide technical support and relief assistance for small businesses. Please contact us at (253) 234-9989 (Ext. 5) or email to Learn more

Loss of Employment Support and Career Advisement

Families can depend on IACS for resources and guidance on career growth and learning opportunities.
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“I thought I had lost it all when I reached out to IACS for rent assistance. But not only did I get rent assistance, I also ended up getting additional support to find a job. I am so thankful.”

Single mother