Support for Women

Support for women is crucial to the continuous growth and success of our communities. Whether you are seeking employment, changing career paths, re-entering the job market, or facing crisis issues, and trying to figure out how to balance this with family and financial responsibilities, we can provide guidance and support to empower women to be their most confident professional selves.

Anvi Career Services

Our goal is to help women restart or recharge their careers through mentoring, networking, and workshops and creating an active, supportive local community. We recognize that there are a variety of career paths available and we strive to bring this awareness to women in the community.


We offer professional networking and resource referrals for training and reskilling purposes. Under this program we serve our community by:

  • Fireside chats and panel events with successful women from the community to inspire and provide professional insights on career growth & development.
  • Peer networking to enable connection with the community
  • Organizing networking opportunities through career mixers?

Our workshops provide opportunities for women to pick up useful skills necessary to land their next career opportunity. These skills are immediately applicable and actionable. Sessions may be offered in a virtual setting or in person. Topics are determined based on community needs.

  • Resume building
  • Interview skills
  • Linkedin profile
  • Project Management
  • Skills Assessment

Women can choose to make changes in their career journey due to many reasons, whether it is pandemic impact, work-life balance, better alignment to long-term goals. We can help counsel them on a case by case basis to create strategies and techniques tailored to their specific needs.

  • Connecting mentees with mentors to get individual relevant coaching
  • 1:1 mentoring as needed for career development, crisis, or layoff support

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We recognize that women are most successful in their careers when they feel supported in all their wellbeing:
physical, mental, emotional, and financial.


We conduct various fitness and yoga classes specific to women's health as well as different workshops on healthy eating. We believe that fitness goes a long way in ensuring an overall healthy lifestyle.


We understand self-sufficiency and financial fluency are critical for women’s empowerment. We offer workshops and classes to help with personal and financial planning, and small business support.


In times of need, we support women in our community with personal loss, domestic violence, loss of parental rights, loss of work status, and sometimes deportation due to lack of appropriate legal representation or due to cultural taboos.

Mental Health

All too often, Indian-Americans are reluctant to seek assistance for what they consider private issues. We all need help at times, and it’s important to reach out for your sake and the sake of those close to you. We can guide you in a private, confidential way to resources that can help improve your personal wellness.

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Other services

IACS provides a wealth of other services that are critical for women.

Senior care: Go to the Seniors page.
Youth services: Go to the Youth Services page.

Other topics of interest to women can be found on our Community Services Page, such as:

Small Business Support • Mental Health • Early Childhood

“We are inspired by your journey and thankful for the options and solutions you shared for achieving our financial goals.”