Sponsors & Donors

Our success as a service organization depends upon the generous contributions of individuals and organizations who understand the value we bring to the community. We sincerely appreciate all you’ve done to help us create and maintain the programs and services that support Indian Americans in our area. Thank you!


  • Platinum
  • Mani Charitable Foundation
  • Meera and R. Suresh
  • Rajesh and Sudha Jha
  • Gold
  • Anu and Naveen Jain
  • Ambili and Ajith Sukesan
  • Arundhati and Vibhas Chandorkar
  • Darshana Shanbhag and Dilip Wagle
  • Geeta and Hemant Vyas
  • Mala and Suri Raman
  • Sheela and Pradyumn Misra