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Small Business

The Indian American Community Services organization will inform, support and mentor small businesses owned by immigrants and People of Color thare are impacted by COVID-19. We will assist by connecting small businesses to financial resources from government and private organizations, while also providing critical private funding support, remodeling for safe distancing and guidance to prevent businesses from closing down permanently.

IACS is a member of the WA State Small Business Resiliency Network.


Covid-19 Business Support Team

IACS provides assistance to business owners navigating city, state, federal, and private economic relief programs related to COVID-19. We will assist in accessing opportunities and resources available for support including grants, loans, mentoring opportunites and workshops to help empower businesses. Resources and assistance are available in multiple languages.

Please reach out to us at for support and resources or call us at (253)234 9989 (5).

Grants and Loans

There are a number of grants available within the state of Washington by both outside entities and providers as well as local municipalities whose aim is to help small businesses stay on their feet.
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Loss of Employment Support and Career Advisement

Families can depend on IACS for resources and guidance on career growth and learning opportunities in addition to assistance in the case of employment loss, in particular for those who may be undocumented.

Workforce Resources

Some small businesses and nonprofits may be unable to maintain their entire workforces at this time. We want to provide them with information so they can make informed choices that honor their employees. Temporary rules expand unemployment to cover more people, and Partial Unemployment, Standby, and SharedWork may provide additional flexibility for employers and assistance for employees.


Utilities providers know that businesses are facing unparalleled challenges and as a result will not disconnect service for non-payment during COVID. Many are temporarily waiving late fees for non-payment as well. In general, we recommend reaching out to your utilities providers if you may miss a payment.


Deferment of tax payments are available for small businesses and small business owners.

Commercial Leases

There are a number of relief options available to small business owners who have a commercial lease to run their business.

General Small Business Support

We help identify, verify, and provide critical support for small business outside of those affected by COVID-19, in addition to offering emergency financial support and mentoring for those struggling to keep a small business open or those launching one of the ground.

Resiliency Tools

For those businesses that are continuing to operate with some strain, there are tools available to assist you in continuing to operate within the current challenging market.

Is your small business or nonprofit looking for help?

If “yes”, please contact us at or call us at (253) 234-9989 (ext. 5) for free assistance.

“We are incredibly grateful for all the help with filling out forms to get the small business grant...”

Small business owner