Community Centers

A vibrant community center can have a stabilizing effect on the lives of immigrant & refugee communities. Our centers are centralized hubs offering people resources and support.


Pop-Up Community Centers

IACS follows a model of community outreach that makes taking part in community activities accessible for members who live in various cities across the Pacific Northwest. Our pop-up centers are conveniently located in various community centers including Issaquah, Kent, Snoqualmie, Bothell, Redmond, North Bellevue and Northshore. These centers not only allow community members to better connect with each other but also opens up connection with other communities as well who may share the same space. Communites are transformed by the energy and passion of the people who visit these centers —staff, volunteers, parents, children and youth.


Each pop-up community center offers programming addressing senior wellness, including inter-generational community lunches, health education, celebratory events, music, dance, etc. We also provide core support services for seniors and young immigrant families including legal clinics, health care and health insurance, transportation, art, field trips while also offering young immigrant families, early childhood enrichment sessions for new parents.

Additionally, the IACS pop ups provide opportunities for workshops and training for employment opportunities, connections with potential job-seekers to talent recruiters, career and job fairs, as well as volunteering opportunities.

IACS pop centers also also the hubs for civic engagement townhalls, voter registration events, community conversations on challenging topics addressing cultural taboos, mental wellness support groups and youth leadership workshops and mentoring events.


Monday: Issaquah Senior Center

Tuesdays: Kent Senior Center and/or Sammamish Teen Center

Wednesdays: Together Center, Redmond/Redmond Senior Center

Thursdays: North Bellevue Community Center

Friday: Northshore Senior Center/Peter Kirk Community Center

For further information on our pop up community centers, please contact us at or call us at (253) 234-9989 (Ext. 5).

“I started bringing my little one to story time and preschool, but my mother-in-law and I both found different activities to enjoy. We enjoy the community lunch, and I come and practice English.”