Quick Reference Binder (QRB)

The Quick Reference Binder (QRB) is a file that contains your instructions, and important information on all your assets and other personal data.

The QRB consists of the following pages:

The suggested contents can be viewed by clicking on the above items. The Tables show sample entries. A blank Table can be printed by clicking on the “Blank” next to the item if one wishes to fill the Table by hand. Additional pages can be printed if more rows or columns are needed. It should be easy to fill the Tables a few at a time assuming the folders mentioned under Estate Data Organizer have been set up, It is best to prepare the other text pages in the QRB carefully, completely, and leisurely over time.

A 3-ring binder is preferred so that each page can be updated periodically. The QRB should be updated when any major information changes (e.g., bank account). The list of assets should be updated every 3 or 6 months. The QRB is the key document for your personal representative or surviving family. It is a ready reference to all the data needed to execute necessary actions quickly while you are incapacitated, or at imminent or after death.

Someone reliable should know the location (a secure place since it contains all the important information) of the Binder and readily find it without you. The Binder should be such that you can easily carry it with you if there is an evacuation of your home. It is a good idea to keep a current electronic copy of it in your safety deposit box.