IACS Initiates Petition to Oversee Police Actions Against People of “Limited Value”

Seattle’s Marginalized Communities and People of Color Need to Feel Safe and Respected by Seattle Police Department

BELLEVUE, Wash. (September 18, 2023) – Indian American Community Services (IACS) is deeply disturbed by the recently released video recordings of police conversations related to the tragic death of 23-year-old, Jaahnavi Kandula. This video shows the abhorrent and dehumanizing remarks of Seattle Police Department (SPD) officers regarding the tragic death of Ms. Kandula. 

The IACS steadfastly stands in solidarity with justice movements condemning violence and institutionalized racism towards Black people and Indigenous people. The video footage from the night of Ms. Kandula’s heartbreaking death sheds light on the callous disregard and bias against human life of not only the Indian American immigrant community but also against other communities of color and marginalized populations. In addition, it harks back to the extreme violence and apathy that Black people and Indigenous people face from the very institutions that are supposed to foster community trust and ensure safety. 

Through the petition, available at Change.org the IACS and its partners seek the following from the City of Seattle and Seattle Police Department:

  1. Creation of an independent body to investigate Jaahnavi Kandula’s and other civilian deaths involving SPD officers, and report results back to the community in a timely manner.
  2. Identification and disclosure all details of the fatal accident to the public including the high speed at which Officer Kevin Dave was driving. Provide clarity on what basis Officer Auderer had already determined that it was not reckless driving that fatally killed Ms. Kandula.
  3. Release all of investigative reports from the Office of Police Accountability regarding this case to the public, providing full transparency.
  4. Accountability for the three officers involved in the death of Ms. Kandula and subsequent events:
    1. Officer Kevin Dave who struck Ms. Kandula, resulting in her death. 
    2. Officer Daniel Auderer,  vice president of SPOG, who laughed about the deadly crash, dismissed any implication of responsibility or criminality, and demeaned Ms. Kandula’s life to be of  “limited value.”
    3. Officer Mike Solan, president of SPOG, who callously engaged in this horrific conversation with Officer Daniel Auderer.

Organizations supporting this petition include:

  • Indian American Community Services (IACS)
  • Asian Counseling Referral Service (ACRS) 
  • Asia Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) Seattle
  • Asia Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) East King County 
  • Eastside For All 
  • Indo-American Friendship Forum (IAFF)
  • Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) 
  • Pacific Islander Health Board of WA State
  • Asia Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) South Puget Sound  
  • Town Hall Seattle 
  • AWU 
  • Asia Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) Snohomish County 
  • Refugee & Immigrant Services Northwest 
  • Muslim Community Network Association MCNA
  • Asian Pacific American Advocates of Greater Seattle 
  • Indian American Friendship Forum (IAFF) 
  • WA State Commission of Asian Pacific American Affairs (CAPAA)
  • Tasveer 
  • Coalition of Seattle Indian Americans CSIA  
  • Khalsa Gurmat
  • Asia Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) Pierce County 
  • 4 Tomorrow
  • Africans on the Eastside
  • Indian American Muslim Council IAMC – Seattle Chapter
  • Humanize Homelessness and Dignity First
  • Ambedkar International center, USA
  • Ambedkar King Study Circle
  • Asian Pacific Islander Coalition of Yakima
  • Periyar Ambedkar study circle

About Indian American Community Services  

IACS is the longest-serving Asian Indian organization in the Pacific Northwest. Secular and volunteer-driven, IACS works to connect and empower the Indian American community through programs, services, and advocacy for people of all ages and all life stages. For more information: www.iacswa.org, Facebook.

Lalita Uppala

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