Crisis Care Details

In times of extreme and sudden distress IACS is prepared with resources and a support system to help members of our community during their most vulnerable moments. We support families and individuals experiencing emergency crises including unexpected family, housing, job, or business loss, health complications related to COVID-19, as well as intergenerational mental health concerns and other health related ailments. We also provide ongoing aid to low-income community members in the form of rent and transportation assistance, as well as food assistance for the food insecure, which includes access to food pantriesa and food coupons to local grocers

Death in the Family: Immediate Imminent or After Death Tasks

The immediate days following the death of a loved one can be overwhelming and bereavement can be complicated by the various tasks in need of attention. We provide a list of resources to help ease the transition with clear guidance on what to do. Immediately after your loved ones passing, the focus should be on carrying out the wishes of the deceased (if available) for the funeral or cremation, informing relatives and friends, final rites and organ donation.

Access to Your Loved Ones Important Information

Should your loved one have documents prepared that detail their wishes, last rites, instructions and details regarding assets and personal data, it is imperative these are reviewed and assessed upon their passing. If death is imminent, it is crucial to work with your loved on on creating a Quick Reference Binder with this information so it can be easily accessed along with any other important documents, such as life insurance policies that will be needed later.

Informing Relatives and Friends

If a loved ones death is imminent it is important to understand who should be informed immediately upon their passing. If this is not available,...

Funeral Arrangements

If previous funeral arrangements have not been contracted with a Funeral Home (undertaker), one should be quickly selected based on the deceased’s known wishes, proximity, recommendations of others, location of the crematorium or cemetery, and cost. A list of undertakers should be readily available in the yellow pages. A list of Funeral Homes that some of our seniors are familiar with is presented here. If the deceased person was in the care of a particular health care facility, they may also have recommendations.

Once an undertaker is present they will want to know the details of the last rites, flower arrangements, memorial service (if any) and times, types of casket, container for ashes if cremated etc., to estimate the cost. One can expect the undertaker to wash and dress the deceased and prepare for the last rites. If the death occurs at home under Hospice care, their staff may do these steps instead. A family member can choose to participate in this procedure as well.

The undertaker will also help you fill out all the necessary papers to obtain a Death Certificate from the County. The typical personal data that the County will require is presented here. About half a dozen original Certificates should be obtained for various tasks.

Final Rites
Organ Donation

Food Assistance

IACS will continue to support and provide resources to the larger Indian American community by engaging in various local crisis care meals efforts for local shelters, healthcare facilities, and elder care centers. For these services, please contact us at 253-234-9989 Ext 3 or email to

IACS also make sure to partner with local ethnic grocery stores to make culturally familiar foods accessible to community members with replenished IACS Free Pantry at various locations, as well as via Free Coupons to use at the Mayuri Grocery. For more on receiving grocery coupons contact us at for information on receiving grocery coupons.

We also offer weekly IACS grocery drops at food banks in South King County and Seattle churches.

Legal Services

IACS will connect pro-bono or low-cost legal resources for immigration and travel visa related attorney consults for traveling seniors, H1 and H4 visa families via our legal clinics. IAWW is also working to provide an on-call family law legal clinic for domestic violence cases which are already on the uptick.Please contact us at 253-234-9989 Ext 5 or email to

Loss of Employment Support and Career Advisement

IACS will offer support connecting documented workers with local employers that are able to hire. IAWW will also be offering help in connecting unemployed undocumented workers with other resources of help. Please contact us at 253-234-9989 Ext 5 or email to