YLP 2020 Mental Health Summit recap

Planning for the Summit

Close to 150 youth in the Leadership Program participated from late October to late June for this advocacy work. They participated in research and conversations on Mental Health & Wellness to prepare for this summit. 

 On February 23rd, Youth Board, Youth Council, and Youth Outreach came together for a 4.5-hour session to work on the final summit topics and research. The large group split into 8 subgroups and each youth presented their work. We had Lifeskills-CPR hand on training at this session. Crisis Connection resources as well as Certified Therapist and Psychiatrist present for this session.

Agenda included:

  • It was an honor to have Senator Manka Dhingra and Councilmember Claudia Balducci as our keynote speakers. 
  •  IAWW and IAWW Youth Leadership Program vision ware presented 
  •  YLP year thus far (Oct-June) video 
  •  Youth Leadership Program- Youth presentations on Mental Health. 
  •  Kahootz

Here’s a snapshot of the last 8 months of advocacy work:

Summit Recordings: